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The Faces Of Obama’s Illegal Killers… So what do you want to call it?  Lax enforcement?  Open Borders?  Amnesty?  Political correctness?  De-Whitening America?  National suicide? Obama’s refusal to deport criminal illegals is killing Americans!

Their sworn oaths mean nothing.  They’re in it for themselves – ego, money or both – at least 68 of them – including 14 so-called ‘Republicans’. List of traitors below the fold:

The illegal immigration battle shifts to Georgia. Mexicans and Latinos are mounting fierce opposition to the State’s new law – HB-87. Governor Nathan Deal signed it into law just a week ago in the face of court challenges, street protests, and boycotts. It takes effect on July 1st. The law is straightforward and tough. Like […]

A Democrat has to LAY OFF union employees. As of the 2010 Census, Connecticut had 3,518,288 people. 1.3% of them (46,290 people) are full-time state employees – most in unions. Governor Dan Malloy is sending 4,742 of them pink slips. Connecticut is short of cash!

Pay attention Duh-val!  This is WAY better than turning ‘non-violent’ drug offenders loose back into our communities:

You haven’t heard much about the contentious California governor’s race – between Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown?  Could it be because the liberal MSM doesn’t want to show you the tactics being employed?  Watch the videos – and get a flavor of political life and thinking on the Left Coast.  Remember that California is TOTALLY […]

East Point, GA: Section 8 Mob

August 11th, 2010

Obama is winning this battle.  This is a photo of the 8 – 10,000 people who crowded the Tri-Cities Plaza in East Point Georgia [Atlanta area] to get applications for Section 8 Federal Housing Assistance [rent assistance].  This program is available only to low income folks – i.e. earning under half the “median income” – which […]

Obama Holds America Hostage

June 20th, 2010

Here’s the low-down on why OBummer is ignoring the border.