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Because Duh-val wants him as a Democrat voter! TWICE DEPORTED for D-U-I ! Living in Marlborough. False name.  No driver’s license. WANTED by Homeland Security and ICE FIVE (5) previous DUIs! Caught in Boxborough DUI [#6] with an expired inspection sticker.

   Another American is DEAD – thanks to Governor Deval Patrick! Another of Massachusetts’ 160,000 illegal immigrants has killed one of us. Matthew Denice 23 years old, of Milford, struck, dragged, and killed by Nicholas Gauman, a drunken 34-year old illegal from Ecuador who just 39 days ago Deval Patrick said it would be ‘racist‘ […]

Watch as the Mayor of Worcester decries the complaints of pollwatchers as a racist event. He dismisses their conclusions and attacks them and their motives. Without proof or citation to support his claims. He contends that since they lost by a large margin they shouldn’t complain. I guess voter fraud is OK if you commit […]

Some of these entries are harder to write than others.  This is a hard one.  On May 18th 2009, in Oxnard, California an 18-month old girl was kidnapped- taken from her parent’s bed at 1:30 AM – and raped.  She was found alive with her kidnapper – 23 year old Carlos Garcia Morales.  Morales has […]