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In the warped socialist mind of Governor MoonBeam,  lives and property,  – and certainly taxpayer money,  – are expendable in the cause of a borderless world. Money for dam maintenance and firefighting equipment have been spent giving welfare benefits and free schooling to millions of illegal immigrants.  Kinda like modern-day Greece….

Donald Trump has done us all a favor – actually several of them. He has spoken bluntly about issues the ‘Media’ has chosen to bury, and he’s taken a stiff wire brush to the tender asses of the Progressive Left – i.e. America’s Stealth Communist Party. If you are politically and socially ignorant or naïve, […]

With TONS of big-donor cash behind him,  George’s little brother jumps into the 2016 presidential campaign.  His cash will be enough to drown many true conservative voices. Hillary Clinton,  George Soros,  and Bill Gates are absolutely thrilled!  Jeb is a believer in Amnesty for illegals – and in the Common Core poison for your kids.