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Chevy Chase Eddie – aka The Ice Cream Man’s entire political career is a testament to the mindless indifference of MassHole Democrats. Up for re-election in 2020 – already he has two announced challengers, –  with Woody Woodpecker waiting just off stage.

Back Peasants, – BACK!   Make way for Her Majesty! Hillary was campaigning in New Hampshire this weekend.  She clearly wanted to be seen, – not questioned!   I guess she’s convinced enough stupid Americans are going to ‘vote for a woman’ – that she has no need of discussing issues…

Every day we see more and more examples of government taking over our lives.  Yesterday it was a UT school being fined $15,000.00 for violating federal lunch laws (who knew?) by selling a soda by mistake at lunch time. Today it’s armed police shutting down a popular ice cream spot (nearly a religion in New […]