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Evo Morales flies from La Paz to Mexico, – steps ahead of a Bolivian lynch mob. Bernie Sanders and AOC should pay close attention.

His people are starving.  They’ve been rioting for months.  They’ve eaten the zoo animals and their pets.  Last week Maduro was forced to admit that Socialism has failed and his Venezuelan economy is broken,  – beyond repair…. A coup attempt was expected.  It came by drone.

They lived in the wealthiest country in the Western Hemisphere – rich with oil,  farmland,  grazing lands and natural beauty. Then they embraced SOCIALISM. What Hugo Chavez didn’t ruin before he died of cancer,  his hand-picked heir Nicolás Maduro has totally screwed up,  seizing a General Motors plant this past week.

Fourteen years under the thug Hugo Chavez, and once wealthy Venezuela was on the edge. Then Hugo died, and left the country to his hand-picked lieutenant – Nicholas Maduro, – who has no clue…. The entire nation has been without basics – food, toilet paper, medicines – for three years.  The breaking point is at […]

Obama is itching to go rushing in – but he has no clue what to do.   31 million people are without toilet paper, food, medicine, electricity, and increasingly without hope. But President [military dictator] Nicolas Maduro will use extreme violence to cling to power.  His only alternative is prison or being shot.   The player […]

As Iran with Russian help loaded its nuclear reactor last week, they also unveiled their Special Ambassador to President Obama.  They’re calling it the Ambassador of Death.  If the Obama Cartel seems a little quiet, who can blame them?  It wasn’t supposed to be like this.  After all – hasn’t he gone around the world […]

You’ve just gotta know that Nancy Pelosi’s knickers are all in a twist.  Yesterday it was Eric Massa from NY 29th [“behavior” problems], – today its William Delahunt from Mass 10th [he’s seeing ghosts]! Next?  Niki Tsongas, are you NEXT?   Barney, – maybe you too?  Retirement calling?