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Republican senate candidate Shiva Ayyadurai proves he’s not ready to take on Warren,  – as he walks smack into the Howie Carr meatgrinder. LESSON for WANNABES:  Democrats in the media won’t do their research on Democrat candidates (Obama & the Clintons),  but Republican reporters will!   Your sins and your lies will be revealed.

Probably one of the best gun safety videos I’ve ever seen.   Kudos to father and son! Folks,  back when I was young,  most high schools had rifle and pistol teams – for BOTH boys and girls,…decades before Title IX.  Today those teams should be returned,  – it’s a sport even severely handicapped kids can participate […]

Boston Globe Has New Boss Today

October 25th, 2013

The sale became final Thursday afternoon;   Red Sox Owner John Henry now owns the Globe and the Worcester Telegram. He may be ~ slightly preoccupied ~ with the World Series.   The Sox stumbled badly and lost Game 2 last night.  So we’ll wait a week to see if the man who turned the team around can […]

He turned around a storied baseball team, filled the seats, and brought 2 World Series Titles to Boston.  Can John Henry turn his $70 Million investment in this über-liberal rag into a REAL newspaper, – or will he merely sell the empty building for a profit?            Either way, there are going to be some liberals looking […]

His ‘Man Up’ challenge backfired… – in his face. It became painful to listen to.  I’m sure his ardent supporters were praying for a miracle – which never came. BACKGROUND: Gomez has been upset that a 3rd party [a conservative PAC] has produced an ad challenging his Republican credentials.  He’s ~ tried ~ to smear […]