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…and they STILL* won’t say what they were there for…? Homeland Security and local SWAT Teams staged a massive show-of-force in tiny Livingston, Illinois [pop 850] Thursday,…claiming it was “all just back-up” for a raid on a farmhouse a few miles away. Mind you, such federal assets are NOT being used to secure our Southern […]

They’re buying 141,000 long-range sniper bullets…who are they planning to kill? Under Janet Napolitano, DHS spent 5 years buying over 1.5 BILLION rounds of small-arms bullets and shotgun shells – WAY MORE than needed for ‘training‘ or ‘qualification‘. They bought enough to shoot each American 5 times!   Why?

What’s up with the ammo purchases by the government?What are they planning?  Surely they’d tell us because PresO promised transparency.  Are they planning to invade somewhere?  Are they hedging the future costs?  Do they just have some surplus money that allows them to spend it on such things?  What budget line item covers ammo from […]

What War Is DHS Planning?

August 15th, 2012

Department of Homeland Security [and other agencies] buy four (4) times MORE bullets than we have people! For WHAT? .40 cal pistol hollow point –  450 million rounds .40 cal pistol – 350 million rounds .40 cal pistol – 200 million .233 cal rifle –  175 million rounds .50 cal sniper –  20,000 rounds .308 […]

Did DHS Queens Run Amok?

August 10th, 2012

Bad leadership, – or ‘girls gone wild’? So alleges a federal discrimination lawsuit filed by James T. Hayes, Jr. – currently the NY City chief of ICE.  He says that life back at the DC HQ became hellish and bizarre when the ‘ladies’ came to run things.  He’s looking for a modest $335,000 in damages.

TSA’s Pizza Box Troll

July 12th, 2010

You just know that somebody got an “Attaboy Award” for this.   So I want to be fair.  I’m NOT going to blame the brand-new TSA Administrator  John S. Pistole, [former DepDir of the FBI] who was just sworn in this month.  This was already in the works.