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Just imagine – if the Chicago Cops had fully believed him,  – and grabbed a couple of White kids…in the neighborhood…and they went on trial…. Would this sick gay attention-craving liar have ever come forward with the TRUTH? Once again a Black man has managed to push race relations backwards,  – for his own selfish […]

Obama appointed a dunce,  and we have all been at risk. The same CIA that reported Russia had leaked the DNC emails to WikiLeaks – bit hard on a hoax of Trump being involved in sex orgies and golden showers.   And with a straight face – they briefed Trump on what the Russians “had on […]

UPDATE:  Wed, 11 August:  Official Denial – see video at end of piece. UPDATE:  2 PM EST Monday, July 26th.  Thus far there has been no official confirmation – and no official denial – of this event. I am forced to admit Possibility #1: it was a wonderful [ but scary] internet hoax.  If that is […]

There was a time – in the distant past, when the new kid in the box was CNN –on 24x7x365 with live news and/or video from every corner of the world.  CNN changed how governments and businesses operated.  That was then.  Today CNN is desperate to stay afloat.  VERY desperate.