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Today Ted Lieu – MoonBat congressman from West LA and Beverly Hills – brought disgrace upon himself, the JAG Corps, the USAF, and of course the Democrat Party when he played a clip of Candace Owens edited to make it sound like she supported Hitler. It was dishonest…. Candace proved quickly she is both smarter […]

For 2017 their cover story is that ‘Trump is a racist’,  his supporters are “Fascists” – i.e. bad guys;  – and they are the “Good Guys” fighting this new evil…. Actually – the exact opposite is the real truth.   If you’d learned any history you know we are seeing a replay of Germany in […]

Seventy-six months into his pResidency, and Obama is taking pains to tell the world that because of HIM, – we are once again “the most respected country on Earth!”   That he might even believe it himself is truly frightening! His statement [short video below the fold] is clear evidence that he is living in that […]

Do you even know what your public school union teachers are stealing from your kids’ heritage? The Armenian Genocide began 24 April 1915 – with the arrest and later execution of 250 Armenian intellectuals and community leaders in Constantinople. Soon the Turkish Army would round up as many Armenians as they could

How many people under the age of 30 even know what the word means?  How many can explain how bad public policy – gone unchallenged – led to over 60 million deaths? How many young people today can identify bad public policy?

We Remember: 1938 – 1945

April 19th, 2012

The 20th Century saw great evil spread across our world.  Lenin, Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot all killed their millions of defenseless peoples.  None was more ruthless or efficient than the Nazis under Hitler. We need to remember.  We cannot let these memories grow dim and the evil be forgotten – or never learned […]

Another honorary degree, teleprompters in place, – another snipe at Middle America.  But from his remarks, – it seems our ZerO-in-Chief has at least heard our words – even as he mocks and misquotes them.  Listen to His Arrogance: 

Tragedy begets tragedy. This story has it roots 71 years ago – the secret part of the “non-aggression pact” between Hitler and Stalin signed 25 August 1939.  The secret parts included the deal to divide Poland between them. 

What should really alarm America’s working middle class is that Obama’s socialist co-conspirators are now floating the idea that 401K and 529 funds may amount to “ill-gotten gains”, – and that these funds should be taken by government and “spread around” to folks “who never had a chance to have savings and investment programs of their own”.