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The level of Treason and the brazen arrogance of these three Traitors might boggle the minds of our Founding Fathers,  – that men so highly placed and so totally trusted with our National Security and Law Enforcement, – would have violated their Oaths and sold out to the likes of the Clintons and Obama. But […]

The so-called “Smartest Woman in the World” was so stupid,  so evil,  and so desperate that she paid some sleaze-masters for DIRT on Trump…. And the best they could manufacture was a ‘Golden Showers’ lie…. So they went with it – and Comey and Brennan BELIEVED IT,  – and never checked!

Just a guess mind you – but Robert Mueller was the FBI Director when Hillary and Obama were selling our Uranium to the Russians.   As he now leads the Special Investigation into some vague “Trump-Putin Collusion”,   – will he try to save his ass and his government pension by turning on Hillary? If you […]

Soros invested a fortune in Obama – got minimal returns, – mainly because we opposed him at every turn.  So he invested even more in Hillary….  You can assume he’s very pissed! He sent his army of young ignorant useful idiots into the streets last night.  Don’t expect his media to report the truth abut […]

Layer-by-layer the onion is being peeled back…and the core is criminal activity. O’Keefe video below the fold:

They were holding EARLY VOTING yesterday in Raleigh, NC when Hillary brought her convoy storming up to the Chavis Center to greet voters. NC law sets a 50 foot buffer zone.  Did Hillary violate it?

Somebody at Foggy Bottom has dropped a dime on her – dug up a video from 2010 where she lectures State Department employees on Computer Security! Clip is just 90 damning seconds:

They found her CARELESS,  – but not criminal…. “Security culture at the State Department was LACKING!” Now only the VOTERS can issue JUSTICE!

From Where The Next Dagger?

April 24th, 2016

Suddenly Charlie Koch hates Trump and Cruz,…and thinks the Arkancide Queen would make a better president….? The Koch Brothers have been spending a fortune on image advertising – trying to convince TV viewers they are a worthy company.   So if Charlie likes HER,…why hasn’t he embraced Obama?

How bad was it…?  First polls come out showing Sanders ahead,…then she gets booed in a ‘town hall’ meeting.  Then Mouseketeer / teen pop slut Britney Spears meets with her,  – seems to endorse her,  – but hours later deletes her endorsement. Meanwhile,…where is Bill?   Hitting on showgirls? Tomorrow – Saturday – is the all-important Nevada […]