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She’s told so many lies she probably now believes half of them…like the gunfire at the airport…. Lately she’s been retelling her lie about ~ almost ~ joining the Marines.   Even far-left wing operative Andrea Mitchell finds that one far-fetched.  Video below the fold.

Hillary Clinton & Al Capone

August 17th, 2015

Al was Chicago’s biggest gangster ever – a man who murdered dozens, – including the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre… Hillary is America’s biggest liar ever – with a trail of over 40 dead bodies behind her – including Vince Foster and the Benghazi Massacre. Al Capone went to prison for Tax Evasion.  Hillary may yet […]

She came to play the Race Card; – but few showed up to listen. Hillary stopped for a ‘major campaign event’ at historically Black Texas Southern University in Houston. But organizers had to curtain off the auditorium because they hadn’t sold enough tickets. But true to form,

Say NO To Hillary!

May 26th, 2015

Video below the fold:

Since when in the decline of American Excellence,  did air pressure in a football exceed the importance of four Americans hung out to die in an illegal arms smuggling operation? Suddenly the talk of the ‘media’ is how many games Tom Brady will be suspended for… Yet Hillary Clinton has yet to provide a single […]

“To call Clinton’s campaigning skills rusty would be kind.” Nothing screams “Empty Stable!” quite like the front page of today’s Boston Herald – where their human Brillo Pad Kimberly Atkins admits that Hillary sucks, – and needs the Cherokee Squaw to run – and somehow make her a worthy candidate.

If she expects to lead our Country, – can she lead 30 Jew-hating boycotters back into the House Chamber Tuesday? For two years she’s been sitting on the sidelines – giving very expensive speeches, – gathering money from both American and foreign donors, – and planning her Presidential Campaign. Now the anti-Israel walkout by 30 […]

Rand Paul’s Wishful Thinking

January 31st, 2015

The abrasive Senator sees himself as a front-runner,  and just called Hillary a “Blast from the Past”. Rand may wish she’d just go away, but it’s just wishful thinking.  I don’t believe the young man has fully analyzed his opponent, – nor has he surveyed the 2016 political battlefield.  It won’t be just Hillary the […]

Democrats Shuffle A Short Bench

November 13th, 2014

You know they’re desperate when Senator Squaw is given a “Leadership Role” – with less than two years on the job. ?ber-liberal Harry Reid says she’ll serve as an “envoy” to liberal groups…? Does that mean they’re no longer listening to Harry? There’s way more to it!

NY Times: “Planet Hillary”

January 26th, 2014

They keep wishing that somehow we’ll forget – or die off! Hillary: “…vile Muslim video”; “…what difference does it make?”