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It begins!  Perhaps it was waiting for last Thursday’s Benghazi hearings to be done,  – but Lee Saunders has hitched his 1,600,000 union members to Hillary’s Bandwagon. “Screw those dead Americans; – screw her treasons, – she’s our kind of Democrat!”

Speaking Saturday in Franklin, Tenn,  – Trump makes it crystal-clear that he understands our 2nd Amendment at the most basic level.   His little gesture at the end will surely drive gun-grabbing liberals to frothing insanity! Then, by contrast, – there is the knee-jerk reaction of Candidate Hillary Clinton – who couldn’t safely run and keep […]

Totally incompetent – as a liar,  – as an email eraser,  – as a senator,  – as SecState,  – as a wife… Keep talkin’ Hillary;  your ‘suite’ in Danbury is getting’ closer and closer!

Are even life-long Democrats tired of her arrogance and lies?

CAUTION! This WILL Gross You Out!

September 6th, 2015

A sickness has been spreading across the land – since 2008, – which infects bitter, frustrated, and angry women.  Hillary was to be their vindication and savior in 2008,  – but Obama pushed her aside – rudely.  Now these women are back with a fanatical religious fever. NONE of Hillary’s lies or treason will dissuade them. Yeah, […]

It was a spectacle to behold, – former Governor – now NH Senator Jeanne Shaheen –[ the one US Senator guaranteed to vote for whatever Obama wants]…stood with Hillary launching WOMEN for HILLARY! There were tears of joy running down Bill’s cheek…as he gazed into the crowd in search of future interns…. This new campaign […]

Josh Earnest Hammers A Nail…

August 24th, 2015

…deep into Hillary’s political coffin,…and he seemed to be enjoying it. In political terms, this was Obama’s engraved invitation to Hillary – to retire from politics.  I smell somebody’s blood curdling…

Can vaults full of Saudi cash save her now? Or,…have the Lefties seen enough,…and decided to go with the aging lifelong Socialist – the one who hasn’t killed anybody…? This has GOT to be tempting the hell out of Joe Biden!

They live in New England, – and they vote by skin color, gender, sexual orientation, – and fad issues. They’ve done Black [4 times] and Gay [for decades], – now they’re going to do Lesbian.  Hilary’s trail of dead bodies just doesn’t matter – they want a woman!  Hillary’s Lesbian thing is a definite bonus!