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In the normal course of life,  Biden would barely notice Becerra,  – and as a racist himself would not be seen hanging with him.  So why pick him to replace the popular Alex Azar?

He is essentially a good man,  but the “Swamp” sucked him in,  and Trump fired him. He’s a medical doctor – an orthopedic surgeon,  – pro-Life,  pro-2A,  and a lifelong campaigner against any form of Socialized Medicine. I think the Obama holdovers at HHS set him up to be beheaded.

Simple Math: $619B ÷ $15B/ea = 41 Ford-Class Supercarriers! Ouch!  Run on this record Democrats!  Per the GAO, just during 2012, the Obama Cartel ‘lost’ – or ‘lost track of’ – $619 Billion – enough money to build 41 brand-new Ford-Class supercarriers. Health & Human Services [aka HHS] lost the biggest share – some $543.8 […]