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147 Dead Kenyan Students,   21 Copts in Libya… Mister pResident – can you explain your anti-terrorism strategy again? So many different groups, – what do they all have in common?

The enemies of Israel are the enemies of the United States, – and Obama’s Chief of Staff just gave them great aid and comfort. McDonough spoke at the J Street 2015 Conference Tuesday – and thrust a dagger deep into the Israeli rib cage… “An occupation that has lasted for almost 50 years must end.”

Obama just changed the rules for ‘former terrorists’ who want to come here and get on our welfare rolls….  All they have to do is lie… That’s right, in a world where al Qaeda-linked start-ups compete with each other for attention and fame,  – Obama just made it easy for wannabes to slide into the […]

The Obama Cartel – a timeless collection of incompetent wannabes, lifetime frauds and pathological liars are deciding the fate of the Levant – and maybe Israel and the USA – as we speak.  I sure hope all you damned Democrats and Socialists who voted for him last year – in spite of the clear and […]

Badly burned by the ‘Arab Spring‘ [it was really the Muslim Brotherhood Spring] and then Benghazi, – then In Amenas, Algeria, – and now Boston, Obama is paralyzed into inaction. The Israelis under Benjamin Netanyahu suffer no such indecision, – and no illusions about their safety in a post-Assad Middle East.  They acted!

Vintage Mitt – 2008 & 1994 – betrays ignorance of terrorist group Hezbollah – and tells us the truth about ‘blind trusts’: 2008 – Mitt’s FIRST presidential run – he PRAISES Hezbollah for their medical delivery services in Lebanon, and in the next breath suggests that it must be ‘Moderate Muslims’ who reject violent extremists. 1994 – […]

Israel: Obama’s Re-election Toy

September 15th, 2011

  It took the patience of many US presidents and secretaries of state – over decades – to broker semi-stable ‘peace’ agreements between Israel and her neighboring Islamic states. Seemingly in the twinkling of an eye – or the ‘Arab Spring‘, all those efforts have been swept away, leaving Israel isolated and her neighbors emboldened. […]

God finally flings another venomous PoS into the celestial midden for eternity. Good riddance.  

The “crisis” was concocted for the benefit of the world press, with the intent of vilifying Israel.  For Hamas it would be a win-win situation any way it ended.  They got their wish.  By way of background,  the biblical strip of blood soaked sand and rock known as Gaza has been under Hamas control since their […]