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Is Sharon Bialek a good woman wronged, – or just another opportunist looking for limelight and a movie deal? Her choice of Attorney Gloria Allred ~ might ~ be a clue. Some highlights / lowlights from her past might be too.

 ‘What a lovely young woman!’ you might think looking at her. You might be surprised to learn she has 20 years as an activist in Democratic politics. You might really be surprised to hear what she has to say about Republicans and Herman Cain! Once again it’s a case of ‘don’t let looks fool you!’

A Day Of Grotesque News

October 12th, 2011

If this was a movie, you’d walk out. Yesterday was a day of images for our T-shirt president. First he went to Pittsburg for a speaking / fundraising engagement. The pictures tell the story of near-total disinterest in this failed leader. Meanwhile, back at the zoo, . . . 

Herman Cain just won the Florida Straw Poll by a whopping 37.11% – more than Perry and Romney combined! Herman Cain:  37.11%

Acton Dedicates 9/11 WTC Memorial

September 11th, 2011

In a brief, classy and fitting ceremony this afternoon, Acton dedicated its new 911 Monument on the 10th Anniversary of that horrible day. The attack – meant to crush American resolve, has instead strengthened it.  The ‘martyrdom’ meant to serve as a recruiting poster for al Qaeda has instead seen its ranks decimated, its planners captured and […]

If this wasn’t so painfully true – it would be funny!

I~ believe ~ he’ll have a few things to say about the incumbent.

[youtube width=”504″ height=”314″][/youtube] Has it been awhile since you heard straight talk?

Voices For Our Future

January 18th, 2011

I think MLK Jr. would be smiling today to hear these guys! Too bad Scott Brown doesn’t embrace their values and their courage.