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The smart-ass communist thought he’d be clever by attacking Trump in the public lobby of his own building. Somehow Republican Trump Supporters were on hand to “greet” him,…and he ended up looking like a guy who can’t plan an event. 2-min video:

Squaw Get’um Heckled In Georgia

February 17th, 2019

There is a HERO down in Georgia!   Lost in a crowd of 1,000 Democrats,  one brave Patriot dared to call out Senator Squaw:  – “Why did you lie…?” while holding up a sign saying 1/2020. As Warren’s campaign moves to Iowa and New Hampshire,  she is likely going to need more security goons – as […]

When your poll numbers are down, – nothing seems to go right.   Jeb, looking tired and slumped,  – spoke to an aging crowd of 100 in North Las Vegas,  – forced himself to grind through his usual stump speech, – …and then got heckled by Black Lives Matter…