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A 2016 Bernie Babe Has Grown Up!

December 15th, 2019

In just three (3) short years of the Trump Economy,   a Bernie Babe has seen the light.  Maybe his tourist trip to Communist Vietnam opened his eyes? Video below the fold:

Some of these fools belong in institutions!

The Boss has some fun with a Republic audience,  – and cracks a few good ones about Biden and AOC…. 90-minute video:

In 2016 there is just SO MUCH VIDEO around,  – we wonder why Hillary still believes she can get away with lying…? Caught again Bitch!                                                                Hat Tip: Agent Mark

Doctor Ben Carson at the National Prayer Breakfast. Benjamin Solomon “Ben” Carson, Sr. is an American neurosurgeon and the Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital. NOTE:  Obama doesn’t cheer much!  In just 27 humorous minutes Doctor Carson dismantles and destroys the entire Obama presidency and legacy!  

Mitt Romney has $1 Billion in his warchest.  But can that buy him enough smoke grenades to obscure his liberal record?  Judge for yourself: Then check out where his BIG $$$ friends are:

Remember when Obama promised to “fundamentally transform America”?   While he’s had you looking elsewhere, he’s really been doing it. 

They voted their smelly socialist thing passed the US Senate at 7:25 this morning – by a 60 – 39 Vote.  Senator Jim Bunning R-KY was absent.   Harry Reid claimed giant savings would follow,  even though the CBO issued a statement that he is counting a $500 Billion “savings” – twice!  Then they voted to […]

Good Morning Americans, Most of you are busy doing Christmas shopping,  planning little trips over the holidays,  and just starting to worry about doing your 2009 income tax.   We’re well aware that a few of you are worried about those end-of-the-year pink slips.  Our pResident has done nothing to reassure investors that our economic future […]

Tell Us The Truth Scott Brown

November 27th, 2009

Too bad that with the Primary just eleven days away, we still have doubts about Scott Brown. Rats! Are there any real Republicans out there – anywhere?