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Ever since former governor Neil Abercrombie had Loretta Fuddy drowned to cover up Obama’s fake birth certificate, – I’ve never trusted anything about events in Hawaii. So I have to wonder if today’s “false alarm” came from NORAD sources,  – or was it a Democrat political hack designed to goad Trump into talks with the […]

Neil Abercrombie Trounced!

August 10th, 2014

Volcano of dissatisfaction erupts in Hawaii: Obama-buddy progressive loses Hawaii Democratic Primary by 67.4%!!! Loretta Fuddy’s Revenge? This is a clear and crushing defeat for Obama and ObamaCare. State Senator David Ige – an engineer by trade – made Hawaii’s bungled ObamaCare Exchange a central theme of his 11-point campaign.  Abercrombie after 19+ years in […]

Let’s consider the situation with respect to illegal immigrants in America today. The POTUS presents his birth certificate in order to prove that he’s a legal American in order to remain POTUS. Q:  If he had to do this, then why would it be wrong for us to require any alien to produce valid documentation […]

Obama goes on Hawaiian vacation without his varsity lineup  – and the bad guys take full notice. Dec 22nd – White House Intel Briefing – all the big players present – some discussion of new al Qaeda threats. [Obama is focused on the passage of ObamaCare in the US Senate – $100 Million bribe to […]