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How juicy!  A Harvard political theorist – worried about ‘inequities’ in the Commonwealth – exacerbated by Baker’s Coronavirus lockdowns….thinks she can restore social justice to what Baker has screwed up… She hasn’t yet SAID that she’s an über-liberal Democrat,  – she doesn’t have to.

Will reporters follow him from class to class…? In their need to appear relevant in the 21st Century,  Harvard has accepted the young know-it-all as a student – Political Science of course.   Henry Dunster and Increase Mather are turning in their graves….   How many times will he get himself arrested…?

Harvard Picks A White Obama Toady

February 12th, 2018

382 year old Harvard needed to replace their 1st Female President (Drew Faust x 11 years), – and in these anti-Trump times they picked former Tufts President Lawrence Bacow;  – despite pleas from students and faculty to go Black. It doesn’t really matter much,  the school which produced 7 American presidents (and the traitor Obama),  […]

AA/EEO over-reach or simply raging anti-White bias?   Once proud and patriotic Harvard University in The People’s Republic of Cambridge Mass announces – arrogantly – that 50.8% of incoming Freshmen (oops Fresh-Persons) will be non-White. Have to wonder exactly how they think such blatant reverse discrimination makes the school better,  – makes America stronger,  – or […]

ObamaCare returns to the campus of Harvard University like a homing torpedo with it’s rudder stuck on full left turn. According to a plethora of reports – the learned [and very arrogant] faculty of America’s oldest university thought ObamaCare was a wonderful idea for insuring ‘the little people’ – the ones Jonathan Gruber told us […]

Parents pay $59,000+ plus travel to send their kids to Harvard,…to learn….that THIS NATION is the greatest threat to world peace…? Oh, that’s right, – Obama and Deval Patrick went there….

Harvard’s Disgrace

May 25th, 2010

When the history of the Obama pResidency is finally written, and comes to lay on a shelf near the history of the John Roberts Court, there will be an embarrassing little historical footnote in both volumes.  That footnote will be that Harvard hired Elena Kagan as dean of their law school. The 1 Million – […]