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Hell Hath No Fury – Like A Bypassed MoonBat ! Somewhere in Washington tonight MoonBat Queen Pelosi in hanging from a rafter,  frothing at the mouth and fling profanity and dung at everything below.  Elsewhere Harry Reid is probably wondering why he bothered to run for re-election. An obviously fuming pResident Obama strode to the […]

Sharon goes right to the heart of the matter!

Senator Harry Reid: Racist?

August 11th, 2010

Harry, say it isn’t so!  You’re not stereotyping Hispanic people, are you?  Where is the outcry??!?  Judge for yourselves, – watch the clip. 

The smug arrogance of this man is beyond belief.  Here he is at NetRoots in Vegas this afternoon.  I wonder how Obama stands him!

First Sarah Palin leads the TEA Party Express into his home town of Searchlight, Nevada.  Like a swarm of angry locusts they covered the place for two days.  The best his daddy Senator Harry Reid could muster was that Gawd-awful prayer session with Princess Michelle.  So check out this TV ad – MINUS his LAST […]

Just 19 More Tuesdays

June 22nd, 2010

Hello Americans! Hard to believe in the muggy heat of this new Summer, – but there are just 19 more Tuesdays before we learn if we can correct our blunder and nudge our Young Republic back onto it’s Constitutional foundation, – or watch it destroy itself sliding further into the Soros-Pelosi-Obama brand of World Socialism. […]

 Now that his embrace is the proven “Kiss of Death” for embattled Dems in Virginia, NJ, Mass, and most recently for Arlen Specter in Pennsylvania,  our Undocumented pResident has just dispatched his blushing bride to Nevada to try and save Skelator – oops, I mean Senator Harry Reid.   

Your Scott Brown Hangover

February 23rd, 2010

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid must have allowed himself to toss back a few stiff ones last night.  He had just managed to co-opt the Massachusetts Boy Wonder on only his second vote in the Senate.  And it didn’t really take that much effort. Harry met briefly with Scott Brown last week.  Brown was still […]

It would be tough to find a more “perfectly liberal senator” than Michael F Bennet (D)CO.   A Yale schooled lawyer who’s daddy worked at NPR and USAID for Jimmy Carter and who’s granddaddy worked for FDR,  Mikey was an early fan and eager supporter of Obama, – and with his background in education, was a […]

They voted their smelly socialist thing passed the US Senate at 7:25 this morning – by a 60 – 39 Vote.  Senator Jim Bunning R-KY was absent.   Harry Reid claimed giant savings would follow,  even though the CBO issued a statement that he is counting a $500 Billion “savings” – twice!  Then they voted to […]