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Watch what is happening out in Nevada folks,  – it is a harbinger of the 2022 Mid-Terms…and spells doom for our Constitutional Republic. The Progressive wing (closet Communists) just seized control of the Nevada Democrat State Committee – in a ‘virtual election’ which many claim was rife with fraud – and ‘glitches’….

Talk about ‘Cultural Appropriation’, Democrats – particularly Black Democrats – seem to believe that only newly freed Black Slaves in the American South were ever lynched. Don’t expect any Democrat to suddenly remember their own History, – even if THEY were the ones making it just a short 21 years ago…

Stuck defending the most worthless and most treasonous pResident in America’s history, – Democrats running for re-election can only hope to blow smoke – and deflect the blame. It has always worked for low-information welfare moms, teachers, and union toads. But the truth is that Dirty Harry Reid essentially ground the 113th Congress to a halt […]

A well-done video which you should watch – and share! Still buying their cover story about a desert tortoise?

How bad science and bad politics put another nail in Obama’s coffin. Yes, – your government lied to you!   Believing this range war nearly started over an “endangered tortoise” – or over unpaid grazing fees, – would be like believing that Obama cares about your medical bills – or that ObamaCare is a wonderfully clever […]

Harry Reid Is A Snake!

January 12th, 2014

If you take a poison snake as a pet, – it may bite you! Harry Reid is 74 years old,  and has been on the public payroll since the 1960s.  He’s a Georgetown lawyer who never served in our military.

This pretty much goes for any of our states…!

A Chip Off The Old Crook

March 14th, 2011

Nevada Election Chief feels Son of Skelator played funny with money! Uh-oh, Rory Reid, son of Skelator, er, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid [sometimes called ‘Dirty Harry’] has been sent the Letter of Political Purgatory from the Nevada Elections Commission who acted on a tip from Las Vegas Sun investigative reporter Jon Ralston.  Wow!  Real […]

111th Congress Flips You Off

December 16th, 2010

Just days to Christmas, just weeks left for the 111th Congress, and they’re sending you a very special Christmas Greeting.  You don’t like it?  Tough $hit! According to some, our federal government ‘runs out of money’ on Saturday.  Two ways to keep it running until the newly elected 112th Congress is sworn in,  a ‘Continuing […]