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Good people – those who live by the 10 Commandments,  by a Code of Honor,  – and who take their Oaths of Office seriously,  – often have difficulty understanding the depths of evil that exist in certain other people. In the case of Federal Judge Lamberth,  even he underestimated the level of corruption in BOTH the […]

My friend Tom Gilroy (God rest his soul) used to say “…there are NO COINCIDENCES in politics,…the dots are ALWAYS connected!” So when people who have dirt – or know dirt – on the Clintons start committing ‘suicide’ in motel rooms….it’s time for us to start paying attention,…and for all surviving Clinton associates to update […]

The GREED that keeps on taking!! And the BULLY that keeps on pushing… Super-model Petra N?mcová was holding an ‘event’ to raise money – yeah, B-I-G money – for her Happy Hearts charity.  She wanted a BIG name dude as her featured speaker.  OK…  So she asked local NY guy Bill Clinton.  He turned her […]

Oh, $ay it i$n’t $o! $100 Million missing / unaccounted for from the IHRC [Interim Haitian Recovery Commission] – overseen by Bill Clinton – reporting to $ec$tate Hillary Clinton? And her infamous Chief of $taff [from the Benghazi cover-up] Cheryl D. Mills traveled to Haiti 30 times…?  Let’s see…

Obama Ignores Earthquakes

January 14th, 2010

Earthquakes happen all the time. Most are so minor we barely notice. Even here in Acton, MA we get occasional minor tremors – the Appalachians are still moving.  There was a big magnitude 6.5 roller on Saturday, Jan 9th, 27 miles West of Ferndale, [northern] California. Damage was minor, no lives lost, and recovery well […]