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“This negro pity party is getting old.” Maybe the most powerful 90 seconds of 2016!

Sworn to ‘uphold,  protect,  and defend the Constitution of the United States’,   – the man couldn’t be acting this stupid,  – this pussified,  – unless his oath was just for show. Charlie,  have you ever read our Constitution?  EVER?   Did you understand the words?  How about the words ‘due process of law’ in our […]

Former NYC Mayor / Billionaire Michael Bloomberg HATES guns – any guns – all guns – and mostly your guns!   So he buys anti-gun politicians wherever he can find them. Amaris Ayala is a Democrat running for State Attorney down in Florida’s Osceola and Orange Counties.  So far she’s raised chicken feed in campaign funds, […]

It’s like the Perfect Storm: the Communist Mayor ran for office on a race-baiting anti-NYPD platform.  He ended Stop-Question-&-Frisk.   Next he blamed all cops for the death of a lifetime street thug.  Predictably, shootings have skyrocketed; – the murder rate is up. Does de Blasio admit he was wrong?  Nah!   The mayor with the […]

This will totally piss off left-wing gun-grabbing Nazis! “The Constitution serves as chains to bind the mischief of government”. If you’re running for office – and you can’t stand and deliver on the 2nd Amendment exactly like Ted just did; – don’t call yourself a Republican or a Conservative.

Here is a clear example of a liberal talking head who has no clue what he’s talking about. – attempting to mold public opinion on Citizens owning weapons. Sorry Folks, – seems Lemon got his feeling hurt for being exposed as a yapping gun-ignorant fool, and had YouTube pull the video. Your stupid liberal friends […]

As Bob DeLeo and the Mass KleptocRATS consider their new anti-gun legislation [“sob…in the wake of Sandy Hook – 17½ months ago,…sob…” ], consider a few cold-blooded FACTS! Then share with your gun-phobic and MoonBat friends. Really, they need to THINK this time, not react with emotions. Oh, and all you MoonBats who think I’m making […]

It’s Illinois for God’s sake – you’d think there was enough corruption and crime to keep an honest AG busy 24 x 7. But Lisa Madigan is on a liberal crusade to aid and abet house breakers, burglars and thieves.  She wants to give the press a list of every gun license in the state.  […]

And he’s a snarky smart-ass elitist SOB too! There are basically two kind of people who want gun control and eventual gun confiscation: Those who are gun-phobic. They fear the very sight of a gun, even the word ‘gun’, And those who fear armed and angry citizens standing their ground – as on the Lexington Green […]