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Chicago,  Minneapolis,  Charlotte,  Seattle, – the body count is piling up faster than they can make coffins. Do you suppose the mayors will all blame “GUNS”???

I can think of few in Congress with as well-earned reputation for smugness and as lengthy history of anti-American statements.  McGovern may be in a class[less] all by himself. Today he stood on the corpse of Bobby Kennedy,  and with the blood of Orlando barely dried,…tried to link the two – and blame GUNS.

Obama’s self-serving carefully scripted invitation-only  “Town Hall on Gun Violence” at George Mason University came with an unscripted moment… Anderson Cooper dared to tell Obama that a lot of Americans do believe that he is part of a dark conspiracy to confiscate guns.   Obama was clearly rattled and angered;  – I gotta give Cooper [not […]

Video below the fold:

Two good women dead.  Thank our gutless stupid gun-phobic state legislators. Two (2) things might have saved Amy and Jennifer. They had neither.

500 murders this year and Reverend Jackson cannot explain what good Chicago’s very strict gun laws do. CAUTION: Painful to watch. NOTE: His solution for Chicago is to have Obama come…[another photo-op].