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To all our Cop Friends  – E-V-E-R-Y traffic stop is an ambush waiting to be sprung. This lady cop was lucky – most people recover from leg wounds.  Mister Mendoza is lucky too,  – his time on Probation has ended!  Taxpayers win! Short scary video:

There was an act of uncommon heroism in Falmouth Friday evening,  when a 21-year old career asshole pulled a gun and shot two cops,  – hitting them both before they could unholster their weapons. In that split second they had options,  – and they chose to wound the young perp instead of killing him.   Malik […]

We cannot know how many folks are killed each year by golf balls and baseball bats – or who die of heart attacks playing tennis…. But Dick’s has decided to (1). stop selling semi-auto rifles,  (2). not sell to anyone under 21,  and (3). lobby for stricter gun laws which outlaw the AR-15. Guess I’ll […]

RIP Unarmed Victims….

October 18th, 2017

A 37-year old career criminal – with an attitude,  – walks into his former workplace,…a ‘gun-free’ zone,…and sends three honest workers to the funeral home, – and two more to the hospital. Maryland’s tough gun laws didn’t save anybody this morning. Maryland abolished their Death Penalty in 2013….

Maura Healey – Stand Down!

February 21st, 2017

Hebb is identified in a double murder of a Peabody couple.

This former Navy SEAL has some blunt advice for you – get yourself an AR-15! And he has blunt words for both crooked left-wing politicians and ignorant media personalities…. Worthy 5 min video below the fold. 

I sure wish we had this kind of patriotism and clarity speaking for us from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue! We’ve featured Senator Guillory before.  He makes us proud!

In the most liberal-infested city in America, Police Chief Lanier has issued an order to her cops: – in light of the recent court decision by Judge Scullin, – they are not to arrest people carrying legally registered firearms. They may still check to see if the person is a felon, – i.e. not authorized […]

This nasty fella did 3 years 8 months for aggravated assault;  got out and broke into a Florida home just a month after his release – pistol-whipped and shot at the homeowner. Somehow America’s first Black President…didn’t inspire Marquise?

It took an agonizing five (5) years – and two trips to court to argue the case – but there is finally a decision about DC’s draconian refusal to let honest citizens carry concealed weapons. Judge Frederick Scullin Jr., an old Airborne-Ranger Combat Infantryman from the 173rd Airborne in Vietnam, – issued a clear unambiguous decision. […]