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The Best Anti-Gun Vote Money Can Buy! Jessie Jackson Jr. is headed to jail; – so NY City Mayor Michael Bloomberg [worth $25 Bil / 10th Richest in US] put up $2.1 Million to fund Chicago anti-gun candidate Robin Kelly.  Bloomberg feels our 2nd Amendment is for sale…cheap! On the Republican side of the primary […]

I’m offering a guest post from Bettina Romberg.  Mrs RR and I know Bettina from past meetings of the Greater Lowell Tea Party.  We’ve remained in touch as we see each other at various meetings.  Last Sunday, Mrs RR and I were at the GOAL Meeting (2/17/2013) in Boxborough.  Jim Wallace of GOAL was the […]

SOTU 2013: Obama Read A Checklist

February 12th, 2013

Folks, that wasn’t a speech – it was just a checklist of every issue his left-wing supporters hold dear. Oh, and he want’s to raise the minimum wage to $9.oo/hr.  That’ll sure spur hiring of minority kids in our inner cities… This was an hour-long exercise of insulting your intelligence.

No matter what your personal opinion is on the role of women in front-line combat – Obama again has broken the law. He’s ignored our Constitution. We should be used to it by now. From Article I, Section 8 [enumerates the duties of the Congress]: To raise and support Armies, but no Appropriation of Money to […]

A feisty Iraq War veteran promises to sue Deval Patrick – and minces no words in his letter. I enjoyed EVERY WORD of this one; – I think you will too!    

Freshman Steve Stockman, TX-36th – is not happy about Obama’s continual threats to use ‘Executive Orders’ to achieve ‘Gun Control’. Obama is framing the discussion to make GUNS and POLITICS the ‘enemy’.  See video below.  Socialist dictators have always needed an enemy – a bogyman. Stockman says he’ll file an Article of Impeachment if Obama […]

Of course you’re being lied to.  Stewart Mills of Brainard, MN explains the truth. Even if you’ve never fired a gun, this will make sense to you.

A sad story of a wild-eyed left-winger advocating death to the NRA and Republicans – over gun rights… …and a respected paper letting him. God forbid any Republican write what Donald Kaul did.

Zombie Alert! Gun-Grabbers!

July 24th, 2012

After every mass-murder here, and sometimes elsewhere, – the gun-grabbing zombies come out of their closets to make anew the case for ‘getting rid of America’s guns’. It started again, before the smoke had cleared from the theater in Aurora. The usual zombies named you as a villain – along with the ‘Right-Wing’ the TEA […]

Over three years ago – as the Obama Cartel was beginning their evil work, and RRB was just getting started, I called your attention to the evil plan the Cartel was working on vis-à-vis guns, drugs, immigrants, and our Mexican Border. Some dismissed me as ‘just bitter over the election’. Others were harsher. OK, so […]