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Somebody has spent too much time looking at himself in the mirror… Far-left Trump-hating California gadfly Eric Swalwell goes on late-nite TV to announce he’s in the presidential race.  Will the media vet him?  short clip:

The Massachusetts 3rd CD is ‘represented’ (no, not really) by a pathetic excuse for a “lawyer”,  – a left-over 1960s anti-war hippy girl who’s managed to make a living on her dead husband’s name,  – and his senate pension,  – and his social security. Her only real skill is posing for photo-ops,  and she ALWAYS […]

That God-Awful Sound of Silence,…when they’re just not buying your act…. 33-second video below the fold:

Even as Texas begins to allow open carry,  Obama is about to meet with Attorney General Loretta Lynch – looking for any even quasi-legal Executive Orders he can sign to restrict gun sales and gun ownership.  Does he have a list provided by Michael Bloomberg? Bloomberg must be smoldering over Texas, – even as he […]

His foreign policy in shreds, – with Czar Putin eating his lunch on a daily basis – Obama the Wimp expresses anger at the NRA, Guns, and Gun Owners. He’ll let neither facts nor common sense stand between him and the Socialist Dream of a Disarmed America….

He hates guns,…he worked as a political shill for Obama, – and suddenly, – just 11 years out of medical school, he’s qualified to be the US Surgeon General? He didn’t finish his residency until 2006. Once again Obama has picked an unqualified political sycophant – Dr. Vivek Murthy, out of 894,000 US physicians. I […]

Heaps praise on sell-out RiNO back-stabber George Peterson. All these liberal bastards sold out your 2nd Amendment guarantee of self-defense – to coddle both the gun-phobic and the true socialists – who want the population totally disarmed. Bit-by-bit, piece-by-piece – the Proud Free Republic our founders and our grandfathers fought for – and died for, […]

There are thousands of misguided fools who want us to… Think about this the next time one of those liberal fools starts spouting statistics and saying you don’t need an AR-15 ‘to kill a deer‘.  Our 2nd Amendment was NEVER about deer hunting! Britain is under siege from a new kind of domestic enemy.  We […]

His ‘Man Up’ challenge backfired… – in his face. It became painful to listen to.  I’m sure his ardent supporters were praying for a miracle – which never came. BACKGROUND: Gomez has been upset that a 3rd party [a conservative PAC] has produced an ad challenging his Republican credentials.  He’s ~ tried ~ to smear […]