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Every so often, CNN surprises.  Alisyn Camerota (she spent 10 years at Fox) zeros in on O’Rourke’s plan to outlaw and then confiscate AR-15s. He either can’t or more likely won’t give her a direct answer. You can bet he doesn’t plan to go out with the police knocking on doors himself….so in the end […]

There is a HUGE difference between the psyche of an honest legislator and that of a would-be ruler. Few demonstrate that stark difference better than California’s Eric Swalwell – who seems to hate guns (gun-phobic) and fears the Armed Citizen Militia that existed when our Constitution was adopted,  – and continues to this very day. […]

Over 100 American Patriots mustered in Lexington, Mass last night,  – and stood quietly,   proudly, and resolutely to defend our Freedom and our God-Given Right of Self-Defense.  I drove home intensely proud of each of them. Robert Irwin Rotberg – age 82:  To call him a ‘nutty professor’ would be a horrific smear of honest […]

Obama’s self-serving carefully scripted invitation-only  “Town Hall on Gun Violence” at George Mason University came with an unscripted moment… Anderson Cooper dared to tell Obama that a lot of Americans do believe that he is part of a dark conspiracy to confiscate guns.   Obama was clearly rattled and angered;  – I gotta give Cooper [not […]