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Beautiful,  Bright,  Ambitious,  Corrupt,  Caught,  – CONVICTED! How and why do Democrats get so arrogant and so dirty? Kathleen Kane – Democrat – Attorney General of Pennsylvania – was just convicted on ALL NINE counts – including perjury and obstruction.  Did she learn her ethics by watching the Clintons and the Obamas?

Oh of course this dumb SOB is a Dumbocrat – he isn’t even paying his defense attorneys…. District Judge Harvey S. Bartle III told this 10-term corrupt congress critter [sucking on the public teat since 1983] to reconsider his priorities, – since he’s been fundraising for his re-election,  – but hasn’t paid his lawyers in […]

It seems the FBI had been looking into “Pay-to-Play” in Allentown, PA for awhile,  – and they ~ may ~ have discovered a dirty Democrat – and convinced him to wear a wire… …it’s called using a squirming little fish to catch a much bigger one.

Equal Opportunity at it’s FINEST!   Proving beyond a doubt that a Black Man from Philly can finagle campaign funds and skirt the Law with the best of Boston’s Irish Goons or Chicago’s Mob Thugs. Chaka Fattah has represented Pennsylvania’s 2nd Congressional District for 10 years.  Now he’s ~ accused ~ of getting a fake loan for his failed […]

The Ghost Of Odin Lloyd

April 15th, 2015

Odin Lloyd was probably guilty of two things during his young life – he picked bad friends to hang out with, – and he may have failed to report a murder he was witness to. He paid with his life. Now Arron Hernandez – a gangbanger-turned-pro-football-player, – a man who could easily have ended up in […]

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev – ungrateful Chechen Muslim refugee welcomed to Boston,  – given a free college education and an EBT card, – now found GUILTY of murder, terrorism, in Marathon Bombing. The jury wasn’t fooled by the youthful face of evil! JUSTICE!   Friday, 15 May 2015   Dipshit Tsarnaev sentenced by a federal jury in Massachusetts – to […]

The insanity defense didn’t work; – he got life w/out parole. Jury took less than two hours.

John “Jack” O’Brien and his two henchmen William H. Burke III and Elizabeth V. Tavares, – have been found guilty of racketeering conspiracy and mail fraud.  Sentencing set for Wed, Oct 22nd. NOTE: Martha Coakley never looked at this corruption. The case was brought by the Feds, – US Attorney for Massachusetts, Carmen Ortiz! If […]

Lifelong Race Baiter Brown – 22 years in Congress – either is too dumb to understand the problems – or is covering somebody’s ass…. Florida voters have sent some real Yo-Yos to Congress, including convicted judge Alcee Hastings, wife beater Alan Grayson, liar Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, and peacock Frederica Wilson. None are so flamboyantly ignorant and […]

“…a gaping, significant and horrific wound to her neck.” She was headed to Elon College, – he was headed to Trinity. She’ll be buried – but not forgotten.