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China Joe was napping back home on the Beach in Delaware… We can almost see Mike Pompeo shaking his head! 

An Unwelcoming Party Gathers

August 3rd, 2019

Speaker Pelosi has always abused the perks of her office by taking government-paid trips “junkets” around the world – telling the stupid people back home that she’s “seeing first-hand the problems that require US assistance”.  Somehow it always involves the best hotels,  restaurants,  and most expensive stores. She’ll be leaving Africa next week and is […]

Haroldo and Juan

May 17th, 2011

Once there were two Leon brothers, Haroldo and Juan, – who were quietly engaged in the drug business in Guatemala – just minding their own business you might say. Sunday night 29 of their farm laborers were decapitated. You think you drug habit is your own personal business?