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Saturday night in Greenville, SC proves that to some Black Americans,  – life is very very cheap. As the NFL prepares to soothe their Black Players with the Black National Anthem,  – and corporations are trying desperately to hire qualified (even marginally qualified) Blacks into management positions,  – the gunfire in Black America proves the […]

Remember back when Obama and his cartel called them “Dreamers”,  – describing decent kids who just wanted an education and a chance to stay in America? You were a “RACIST” if you objected to any part of the scheme. But now we’re paying the price – in BLOOD.   Another ‘Dreamer’ has murdered a young […]

It seemed designed by CBS to cast ALL the Republicans in their worst light….doing a favor for Hillary Clinton. Kasich and Carson remained civil, but the personal attacks between Cruz and Rubio, and between Trump and Bush were horrible, – cringe worthy,  – solved nothing, – except to validate that the SC GOP had stacked […]

Jeb Bush backer Chad Groover – a Greenville lawyer and local GOP Party Chair,  has tight control of the 1900 tickets for tonight’s debate.  Per his own words,  he’s “rewarding Party Loyalists”.   That means the audience will be full of RiNOs cheering for Jeb,  – and probably booing Trump and Cruz…. This couldn’t happen without […]