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Trump Derangement Syndrome has come to a town hall in rural Connecticut,  – and will likely come to your town soon. Once a Green Party Candidate for State Senate,  the Select-woman in a house dress (similar to Hillary’s stylish collection) took a knee to show her rage at Trump’s meeting with Putin.

Imagine sitting with your teenage friends in a San Antonio Whataburger,  when a butt-sore left-wing thug snatches off your MAGA hat,  and flings his drink in your face,  and walks out with your hat. San Antonio police are looking for this dude. Video

We should be concerned, because of the geography alone. Germany has been awash in liberalism since WW II,  – chiefly because of their post-Nazi guilt.  It is akin to the “White Guilt” that most American Liberals seem to be carrying around,  – and Muslims are gleefully using it to invade and overtake that nation.