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Russian interference;  – but NO RUSSIAN COLLUSION!  Rod Rosenstein emphasized that the indictments make it CLEAR,  – no Trump campaign personnel had any idea they were dealing with Russian disinformation operatives pretending to be US political activists. It seems obvious that after all these months,  – Mueller has nothing on Trump and he’s flinging smoke […]

76,000,000 American women are of legal age to be President. Yet Democrats could only find this one (1) out of 76 million…? …and they seem to know so very little about her past.

Few riots are spontaneous, – there’s almost always someone who starts the action. Watch Michael Brown’s stepfather Louis Head say “If I get up there I’m gonna start a riot”  [in white cap between 8 – 18 seconds] – nearly a minute before he climbs up to embrace Brown’s mother Lesley McSpadden [with his pants at ghetto […]

The NYPD‘s 34,000 cops should have been expecting this, – their new Mayor is a life-long commie.  He’s taken sides, essentially telling them to leave the street thugs alone. The clue was there early when he campaigned against “Stop, Question, and Frisk”.  He won Black and Hispanic votes by squawking about racial profiling.  He ignored […]

Let the looting and burning commence. After three months of deliberations the Grand Jury has spoken; – now the savage tribes will have their say. Saint Louis is already the #5 murder capital of the US, with over 35 murders per 100,000 citizens. They’ll be pushing to overtake Detroit now. Nothing shows respect for the […]