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“…send her back to wherever she came from…” Alan Webber wants to be the next governor of New Mexico. Now he’ll spend months explaining his freudian slip of the tongue…[clip below the fold] Governor Susana Martinez is EXACTLY the kind of Republican that Democrats HATE! She is a woman, a Hispanic, and she used to […]

Gov Susana ‘.357 Magnum’ Martinez: ‘…success is not built on resentment and fear!’ SecState Condoleezza Rice: ‘Children stuck in failing schools is the civil rights issue of our times’. VP Nominee Paul Ryan: ‘…this president puts promises in the record, – and called it his record’. Hear what they said: 

Oh No, Not Judge Murphy!

May 22nd, 2011

Is Governor Susana Martinez really cleaning up New Mexico? After Bill Richardson’s years in office, she’s got a lot of work to do. This weeks tip-of-the-iceberg is Judge Mike Murphy – booked after a grand jury probe on suspicion of bribery and threatening witnesses. He’s walking around on $10 K bail.