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GE picked up and left.  How much longer will Sikorsky and Colt carry the burden?

“But it feels so good to raise teacher salaries…   And Government Workers need more,  – so let’s raise taxes again.  Businesses can pay!” Hartford Connecticut – once the epitome of a soundly managed capital city,  – just hired a bankruptcy attorney.  They’re in over their heads and businesses are fleeing!

Barely a year after denying that they were even thinking about it, – Mossberg is accepting Governor Rick Perry’s invitation to “Come on down!” The liberal fear-fueled over-reaction to the madness of Adam Lanza’s spree killing at Sandy Hook is moving yet another gun manufacturer – and their jobs and tax $$$ – OUT of […]

A Democrat has to LAY OFF union employees. As of the 2010 Census, Connecticut had 3,518,288 people. 1.3% of them (46,290 people) are full-time state employees – most in unions. Governor Dan Malloy is sending 4,742 of them pink slips. Connecticut is short of cash!