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All The Marbles?

October 11th, 2013

Obama ~ may ~ be about to win all the marbles – turning him into our virtual dictator. “Republicans” in both the House and Senate – act as if nothing matters more than their own personal re-election.  Knowing that – Obama is playing ultimate hardball;  – with the press eagerly carrying his propaganda.  His bargaining […]

Rep Mark Meadows – North Carolina 11th…spells out the problem. Sounds like he’s on our side, – and he doesn’t like RiNOs any better than he does Obama. 

Oh The Drama, Oh The Phonies!

September 30th, 2013

It’s NOT about governing,  NOT about running the country;                                                – it’s ALL ABOUT the BLAME GAME! And the media gleefully does the dirty work of misinforming low-information voters. Do you for a moment think Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi care about ordinary people having health care?  If they did,  their vehicle would NOT have been ObamaCare!

The work of the TEA Parties has just been rewarded!   House Speaker John Boehner hung tough, and by the 11th Hour – Dirty Harry Reid and pResident oBummer blinked.   oBummer went on TV at 11 PM EDST tonight looking like DEATH warmed over.  He spouted the usual string of meaningless platitudes.  Then he stalked off […]

Will Senator “Reporting for Duty” Kerry vote to STOP our troop’s pay?  Will he vote for the shutdown or vote to pay the troops? Per his DC office – Lurch will be in Waltham Saturday afternoon – a great chance to ask him.  The Arthur J. Clark Govt Center Auditorium – 119 School Street – 1 […]