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…if it gets any bigger,…it will EXPLODE! Did he really think that the GOP RiNO insiders were thinking of running his scrawny ass up against Hillary…?

A sad story of a wild-eyed left-winger advocating death to the NRA and Republicans – over gun rights… …and a respected paper letting him. God forbid any Republican write what Donald Kaul did.

Another RINO bites the dust as the Tea Party shows that it hasn’t been dormant, it was just working the opportunities. Yes, the days of the flamboyant Tea Parties are past us as we move into the new era of Tea Party activism. We’ve spent a lot of time learning politics over the past two […]

New Hampshire and Iowa have nothing on Concord, MA!  Mrs RR and I attended an event hosted by the Concord RTC last night at the historic Colonial Inn.  There were two agenda items: 1) watching the Republican candidate debate, and 2) watching the Bruins trounce Vancouver.  I think the debate went well.  The questions were […]

From my home town Acton, to Beacon Hill [or Merrimac Street], to Capitol Hill,  inept and misguided Republican leaders are failing us at the very moment they should be leading 2010’s final charge.  Already “frontrunners” are planning trips to Iowa,  while Michael Steele seems unable to build an organization as cohesive and effective as the […]