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Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Brian Walsh ruled that Google must hand over (discovery) their troves of secret policy papers, memos, and emails regarding corporate attitudes toward Conservatives – both their employees and nationwide. This comes at an awful time for Google,  as Democrats running for president are looking for a big-name SCALP,  – […]

Do you trust the “Internet Search Engine” that developed algorithms that downgrade Conservative content over Liberal Content,  – and thus effect both every day decision-making and elections….. …to get their foot into our last repositories of History and Knowledge…?

Marsha is one of the most genteel and refined Southern Ladies to ever hold elected office, and she’s running against a dishonest anti-Gun Democrat. What political irony that a so-called neutral “search engine” decides that THEY will monitor what is acceptable for Americans to see.   Maybe doing so much business in Communist China has conditioned […]

Just paint ’em blue and sign ’em up – they’re ready to vote for the Party of Slavery! They can even walk to the polls in any kind of weather….see video

Islam On The March

October 15th, 2012

Outside Google’s London headquarters – 10,000 strong – protesting the anti-Islam video. They do manage to make themselves obnoxious and menacing.  Think about this the next time you see one of those stupid ‘Coexist’ stickers on a MoonBat car.