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Some images stick in your brain forever; – Nero fiddling as Rome burned, Christ carrying his cross up Calvary Hill, JFK in Dealey Plaza, – Obama’s summer vacation. If the rumors and leaks are true, – he wavered and vacillated over a month before approving a rescue mission, When he finally OKed it, the intelligence had degraded […]

The Obama way,…leading from the 7th Hole…. In five short years, Obama has strengthened Putin and China; – and weakened [damn near destroyed] our ability to thwart bad actors and stand by our friends. But there have been no shortage

Seething Obama Stymied

August 31st, 2013

Says he can bomb Syria any time, in hours, days, – weeks..…but will ask Congress. Was 35 minutes late for his announcement – smoke rising from his ears – pretty clear he’s been having some uncomfortable calls from former sycophants. Meanwhile: rejoicing and mocking in Syria! This inept puppet is making us all look as bad […]

Obama Coulda’ Been Great

February 21st, 2012

There is great anger over what Obama has done to our country. But there’s an even greater unspoken sadness over what could have been, ~ perhaps ~ a president as great and grand as Washington, Lincoln, Reagan and FDR. Alas, it is a story of squandered opportunity– our ship of state run aground on the sandbars […]

What have YOUR senators and Congressmen/women been doing and saying?  Staying silent, pointing fingers, or demanding action? Do you ~ think ~ that just maybe OBummer wants this problem to get a LOT worse – so he can justify government takeovers of the oil industry?  Too far fetched?  Remember Cash for Clunkers?    /s/  Iron […]

Many Americans – especially environmentally sensitive Democrats – are having trouble understanding why Obama is playing golf and generally showing great reluctance to act [other than blame Bush and BP] in the face of the oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.  For instance, why did he turn down the Dutch help on Day […]