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Under The Very Tacky Tent

November 24th, 2009

Even before tonight’s gala, the WH announced that THE MEssiah will ANNOUNCE HIS Afghan Decision in a prime-time address to the nation a full week from now – Dec 1st. Like any good super-narcissist, OBummer needs the suspense to build up for HIS Appearance. I’m betting that this Enlightened War Wizard will focus on “Exit Strategy”, benchmarks, and ending Afghan corruption – and not on winning!

So the 2010 Mid-Term Election Season began last night even as the votes were being counted. A massive sea-change next November is the ONLY thing which can save our Young Republic from the destruction being wrought by our domestic enemies – the ones in the White House and Congress. Republicans, these next twelve months are our Valley Forge, our Saratoga, and our Yorktown. We must win these battles, – or live out our days under socialist rule.