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Israel Opens Trump Heights

June 17th, 2019

It will be a settlement on the Golan.  Got a hunch that neither Obama, Hillary, or Kerry were invited….

It is essentially a ploy for publicity and legitimacy in the world of competing terrorist groups. The Al-Nursa Front – which just occupied the disarmed strip of the Golan Heights and captured 45 peacekeepers from Fiji – will try them under Sharia Law,…unless of course three key demands are met. So what are Allah’s aspiring […]

UN Peacekeepers come under attack; 40 from Fiji are captured. It’s unclear which group of Syrian Islamist ‘rebels’ decided it was a military advantage to attack the Peacekeepers, but this battle has been going on for several days. If you didn’t hear about it on the news, maybe your local talking heads can’t find the […]