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When it was just one woman – then two women,  – the media could dismiss it as “She said – he said”… But NOW – a second woman – this one with photos,  – and a bare-knuckles attorney who savors bringing down the high and mighty….

As Democrats and their Media Propaganda Allies spend these next several days trying to convince Alabama voters that somehow Judge Roy Moore is unfit to serve in the US Senate,…a little reflection will help you understand the depths of their hypocrisy. Did you hear a SINGLE DEMOCRAT VOICE raised to tell Spencer Tunick he was […]

Hillary,  the DNC,  the Obama White House and the Obama Justice Department,  the national and local media,  and your local election officials are all in on it. Be aware, – be alert,   and don’t help them!

In the sick twisted world of Democrat political thinking – any sleazy tool is acceptable. So Gloria Allred can drudge up a 42 year old career porn star – to claim that somehow Trump has a bad attitude toward women?  Brace yourself!

Allred’s ‘poor victims’ all have a certain ‘look’,  and her list of defendants over the years have two things in common: high visibility and lots of money. When Democrats – like Hillary Clinton are desperate,  they know Gloria will ride in to the rescue with drummed up blondes to distract the media and the voters.

Too Sexy To Be Mayor?

July 17th, 2013

San Diego’s experiment with an ?ber-liberal Democrat as mayor is going badly. He’s up to his tongue in charges of brazen sexual harassment.

Is Sharon Bialek a good woman wronged, – or just another opportunist looking for limelight and a movie deal? Her choice of Attorney Gloria Allred ~ might ~ be a clue. Some highlights / lowlights from her past might be too.