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20 years ago it was called “Man-Made Global Warming”,…but even their stupid believers were still cold.  Now they’ve re-branded it as “Climate Change”.

…well,…actually they die from BAD ideas that just sounded good. The Crispy Critters of Grenfell Tower died believing that by living in an over-clad high-rise apartment building,  – they were “helping to save Mother Earth”.

Your local school and/or your local Democrats will likely celebrate “Earth Day” today,  – usually with projects designed to promote awareness of how fragile Mother Nature is. They’re unlikely to tell your children about Ira Einhorn,  – or what happened to his girlfriend Holly Maddux….  Why would they? They want the fraud to live on.   They […]

We marvel at the hypocrisy, – and the lure of ‘Presidential Power’, – even reflected presidential power. Al Gore – once Bill Clinton’s friend and buddy,  – who felt so badly betrayed by the Lewinsky scandal, – and more deeply offended to learn that Bill was simultaneously screwing Walter Mondale’s daughter,….will leave his seaside mansion […]

Nothing quite shouts “MoonBat” like driving a little blue $32+K Prius – to save the environment, – even as volcanoes around the world spew out CO2 and ash – enough to divert airliners….

Big Friday snowstorm due…will the trains and buses run?

Almost every Eastern city and town is run by Democrats  – some as loony as NYC’s Bill de Blasio,…and most in the grips of corruption-riddled city unions,  – who thrive on overtime pay and no-show jobs… Now Mother Nature is testing both their faith in Al Gore’s Man-Made Global Warming doctrine,  – and their ability […]

The Sierra Club is so invested in the cult science of Man-Made Global Warming they may have thought having a Black president would make their positions unassailable.  So they picked Albany, NY activist Aaron Mair in May. Five months later – before the US Senate – Mister Mair met Ted Cruz.   It was revealing and embarrassing:

Damn!  Just when the Left Wingers thought they had a Global Warming ally in Pope Francis [of all people] – Cardinal Donald Wuerl – the Archbishop of Washington DC,  says “Not Quite”.… Holy Schism!  What’s a God-rejecting Democrat to think?  I mean, – if you can’t trust the Pope of Rome, – who can you believe…?