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DC District Judge John D. Bates just ordered the Trump Administration (Homeland Security) to RESTART DACA,  and then he gave them until August 23rd to file an appeal. Bates (Bush Family toady) took the position that Trump’s decision to end DACA was ‘unlawful’,  – because he hadn’t EXPLAINED it enough….as if a nation being over-run by […]

Commencement speech at Southern Methodist. I miss him almost as much as his Dad and Ronald Reagan!

That was seven years ago – 2007, – and know-it-all liberals were babbling: “our presence in Iraq is only creating more terrorists…”.  Now even those mealy-mouth liberals want us to go back and clean up ISIS. Even Senator Squaw wants us to destroy ISIS. Liberals think the problem is ISIS.

Remember what it was like to have a President you admired? See the rest…

The only class and dignity our White House has seen since 20 January 2009. He gracefully ignored Obama’s classless remarks about the ‘chaotic time he’d inherited’.

Rejoice! Osama [Usama] bin Laden is dead. Our ‘War on Terror’ is hardly over. And if you hear our pResident crowing, and Democrats singing his praises, remember that this important tactical victory is due to the plans, policies, and procedures put in place by George W. Bush. Mister Obama merely continued the march that George […]

Show this entry – or just the photo to your liberal friends.  You know – the ones who still have Obama and Deval Patrick stickers on their Prisus. Ask them to explain a president who flys into Tucson to memorialize six shooting victims – with a script for the audience.  Ask them to justify this as […]

A Humble Man Says Thanks

August 19th, 2010

President George W. Bush and Laura greet returning troops at DFW Airport.