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Rigging,…fixing,…cheating,…denying,…lying,…. With so much practice, – and generations of experience,  – you’d think they’d be better at it.   But they remain inept and clumsy.

Trump Walked Into An Ambush!

October 15th, 2020

Well,  at least he’s taking viewers from China Joe Biden.

Four years after declaring her a ‘legend’ – they’re selling her namesake building,  – because their fake news operation is overpaid,  – and losing money! Clean out your desk George Stephanopoulos!

….they’d call him “George”!   Former Clinton White House Press Secretary turned ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos turns out to be one of those ‘undisclosed donors’ to the Clinton Foundation [aka Slush Fund], – – to the tune of $75,000.oo. This explains why he’s been a cheerleader and defender – instead of a journalist.   I can […]