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May 2010 : $535 Million stimulus Solyndra bites the dust!   $535 Million US Green-Jobs Stimulus $$$ somewhere on it’s corpse. Obama flew Air Force One to Freemont, Calif in May 2010. Big plant visit and photo-op.    Today?   Chapter 11.  1,100 to be LAID OFF! If there is ~ any ~ justice, Oklahoma […]

Another $535 Million Obama Ripoff

February 24th, 2011

Would this gentle-looking Harvard MBA rip you off for $535 Billion?  George Kaiser is an Oklahoma oil man and banker.  And he’s a friend of Mister Obama.  A good friend.  A VERY good friend.  In 2008 he maxed out his $2,300 personal donation and bundled another $50K for the new MEssiah.  At the time Hillary was […]