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George Floyd was a career criminal,  a thug who victimized other Blacks,  a lifelong drug abuser,  – and a violent man whose final acts on earth were passing a counterfeit $20.oo bill and resisting arrest while high on drugs.  Hardly a fitting martyr for a social movement.

It may have been one of the dumbest moves in Air Force History! A young Airman stationed at Hill AFB,  – just miles from his home in West Haven Utah,  – joins the BLM mob last May,  – and wearing an Air Force gas mask – helps torch a police car. Slowly but surely the […]

The left-wing fool probably thought his liberalism would keep him safe from the mob of ‘protesters’.  So he tried to speak directly to them.  He discovered he’s not popular with them. Three videos:  As you watch, – understand that this mob has been there for nearly 55 days,…and ask yourself WHO is paying their bills?

This lady clearly gets it – that the Media and the Democrat Party are playing out a Kabuki Theater around George Floyd, – in an effort to make Joe Biden (or Stacey Abrams) our puppet president. Just guessing that YouTube will end up pulling this video.

What would the Left and their Media Division say if Trump appeared wearing a Kente Cloth? What?  No zebra high heals Nancy?  At RRB we pray that thinking Black voters see through this brazen and thoughtless chicanery.  What absolute frauds!

Try as he might – there are photos and video – of that ranting Senator from Delaware decrying the lack of police in poor Black neighborhoods (aka Democrat voter plantations).  The buzz word of that day – the key to Citizen Safety – was “100,000 more cops on the streets!”

The art of discussion and logical persuasion is totally lost on Acton Democrats.

Trump held a brief Rose Garden press conference this evening – (video below the fold) in which he promised to uphold the law and restore safety to riot-torn cities. For the second time today he warned wussy governors that if they won’t do their duty,  – he will send in the US Military to take […]

Protests,  riots,  looting,  arson,  even murder – across our nation is not a response to the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.  This has been planned, rehearsed, – and is being paid for… While many of the participants caught up in the emotions of the moment ~ believe ~ they are engaging in “legitimate protests”,  […]