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Trump FIRES SecDef Mark Esper

November 9th, 2020

Esper – a West Point grad,  – managed to let Harvard then GW University soften both his spine and his brain. 

You can choose to be a pacifist,  a docile Subject,  an unarmed bystander and victim,  – or be that well-armed Citizen able to defend his family and even his neighbors. If you are responsible for the safety of children or elders,  – you have a civic duty to understand the threat before you surrender yourself […]

It was twin protests – Boston and Brockton last night,  – and using different tactics the cops saved Charlie FAKER from a major humiliation.  He should thank them profusely! In Boston the crowd – perhaps already tired,  – was largely defused when the cops chose to ‘take a knee’.   25 miles south in Brockton,  cops […]

Chiara de Blasio – weird daughter of the NYC mayor,  go herself arrested Saturday when she refused to disburse… We’re pretty sure her commie dad is secretly proud…

Did NY State voters back in 2018 understand who and what they were voting for?   The AG is supposed to be the People’s Lawyer;  – how will threatening Trump help the people who have just lost businesses to looters and arsonists? In a sad way,  New Yorkers,  particularly New York City voters DESERVE the assholes […]