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Strong / foul language alert:  this is so spot-on that despite the language – your teenage kids should watch it with you. If only our Mainstream Media would point out hypocrisy like Paul does… Your teenagers SHOULD watch, because it’s way more important that they understand left-wing hypocrisy – than that they know what the […]

At any time since the Korean War, – have you really felt that Hollywood was on our side? George Clooney and his Muslim wife Amal hosted two fundraisers for Her Highness Hillary this weekend in Los Angeles;  – the first for ‘the little people’ who could only afford $2,700 donations….and one for the Beautiful People – who coughed up […]

Obama raised $15 Million having dinner at George’s house. He’ll use it to sell his sick anti-American socialist re-election message. This is the respect they both deserve!