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Guess that Peace Prize Obama got in 2009,  – and the three Trump has been nominated for,  – are getting under his skin.  He wants one too!   Sick old fool.

Will the UN hire son Hunter to ‘oversee’ the truce?  Without a photo-op or a paycheck, – Biden wouldn’t give a damn!

The ignorant angry youths of Gaza are being send against the barbed wire,  – as their leaders know for certain that a number of them will fall to accidents and Israeli bullets. Then comes the wailing,  the funerals,  and the posturing honor guards of the Hamas insiders.

It’s about to be Passover,  so once again it’s Killing Time in the Unholy Lands.  Hundreds of stupid young Muslim youths are being hurled into martyrdom to keep the warlords in power. Gaza is just 141 square miles,  – half the size of Cape Cod,  – less than three times the size of Staten Island.  For […]

Shown in 3.5 minutes….. Yes, the stretch of land between the Suez Canal – along the coast through Gaza – to Tel Aviv – is the bloodiest piece of ground in the world.

Like World War One – 100 years ago – this war could have started at any time. Kidnapping and killing teenagers was only the trigger. But this war suits John Forbes Kerry’s presidential ambitions – to be seen as a patient and savvy diplomat, a peace broker, and able to push waring sides into agreements. […]

Animals On Motorcycles

November 20th, 2012

Unable to understand how Israeli Intelligence works – how all their secret meeting places and bomb factories are discovered and hit,    – the Arab street urchins known as Hamas decide there must be spies amongst them. 

The “crisis” was concocted for the benefit of the world press, with the intent of vilifying Israel.  For Hamas it would be a win-win situation any way it ended.  They got their wish.  By way of background,  the biblical strip of blood soaked sand and rock known as Gaza has been under Hamas control since their […]